Full Suite of 3G/Radio/Satellite Communication Solutions

Communicating with people when on land is not a difficult task. You just key in a number in your cell phone and you are connected to the desired person. The service is easy, fast and reliable. Cell phones have stipulated towers to send and receive signals upto an approximate range of 1-5 miles. When we are at a place where there are no cell phone towers? Satellite services is the answer for a "No tower" communication system. A satellite service connects directly to the satellite without the use of any physical tower. You can make a call from any place on the surface of earth, provided you are under a clear and unobstructed sky.

We provide Satellite/3G/Wireless Connectivity for Maritime Applications. We work with leading satellite operators and providers together with our 3G and wireless solutions to provide a comprehensive communication infrastructure. We can integrate Shipboard IT Infrastructure with the connectivity solutions on board to enable a Virtual Office Environment on the Ship.