Crew Welfare, Web Acceleration, Compression Solutions

PrecisionInfinity has the most advanced maritime bandwidth management and optimization solution that can be used on ships equipped with any type of satellite communications systems, including, but not limited to, Fleet Broadband or VSAT systems (Ka, Ku or C‐band).

PrecisionInfinity allows users to share voice and data traffic required for business use with traffic generated by the crew in an efficient and measurable way. By doing so, users can subscribe to higher bandwidth packages and therefore enjoy lower rates per unit while having the ability to allocate costs and charge users (business, crew or third party) of the service accordingly.

In addition, PrecisionInfinity provides a variety of value‐added‐services such as internet café type access for voice and data, VoIP calling, firewalling, compression, content management, vessel positioning, e‐mail for crew or business purposes and many other services as described in this document.