PrecisionPeplink (Balance)

Simple, Unbreakable Branch Networking, Anywhere

From the company’s inception, we set out to create the most reliable and easiest-to-use routers. Since then, we have developed multi-WAN VPN bonding (SD-WAN) routers and access points with industry-leading durability, a straightforward and intuitive web interface, and a wide range of features that are difficult to match.

From home-office users, to enterprise-branch networks, to emergency vehicles, we have helped thousands of customers migrate from traditional WAN to our SD-WAN solutions, resulting in increased bandwidth, higher WAN reliability, and lower costs.

As cloud computing came of age, we saw new ways to make networks easier to manage and more flexible than ever. We continued developing new products that provided SD-WAN capabilities.

We virtualized our VPN bonding technology, enabling virtual machines running on popular platforms (such as Amazon Web Services), to build unbreakable VPN with our edge network devices and with each other. We developed a cloud-based central controller that helps network administrators visualize, manage, and keep track of complex global WAN deployments via a single web console. Many formerly time-consuming tasks such as firmware updates, configuration changes, and VPN configuration can now all be done by the hundreds with just a few clicks.